Anonymous function is served by nginx running on a Linode that I use. It’s a static site, generated with a static site generator I wrote called vortex. The key components of vortex are:

Articles, drafts, and other elements unique to the site live in Dropbox, so I can edit them freely wherever I am and on whatever device I have. vortex supports themes, which are a set of templates, CSS files, and other supporting files; anonymous function is using the default theme I designed for vortex.


The vortex theme was created alongside vortex. The color scheme is inspired by Solarized (and indeed the pygments code highlighting uses a Solarized Light color scheme), while the layout is a fairly standard respnsive ‘single-column plus sidebar’ design. The fonts used are from Google Web Fonts, and are Lato for headings, and Merriweather for body text. The text layout strives to adhere to the guidelines in “The Elements of Typographic Style”, as adapted for the web. Images are designed to show photographs, and are fluid as well as processed for use with retina.js. The sidebar icons come from the excellent Entypo fonts.


Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce - The rights to each pictogram in the social extention are either trademarked or copyrighted by the respective company.